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BUSINESS DATA ANALYTICS  is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization’s data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. Business data analytics is used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making.

Business Data Analytics or Business Analytics is used to gain insights that inform business decisions and can be used to automate and optimize business processes. Data-driven companies treat their data as a corporate asset and leverage it for a competitive advantage.

Successful business analytics depends on data quality, skilled analysts who understand the technologies and the business, and an organizational commitment to data-driven decision-making.

Business Data Analytics techniques break down into two main areas.

The first is basic business intelligence. This involves examining historical data to get a sense of how a business department, team or staff member performed over a particular time. This is a mature practice that most enterprises are fairly accomplished at using.

The second area of business analytics involves deeper statistical analysis. This may mean doing predictive analytics by applying statistical algorithms to historical data to make a prediction about future performance of a product, service or website design change. Or, it could mean using other advanced analytics techniques, like cluster analysis, to group customers based on similarities across several data points. This can be helpful in targeted marketing campaigns, for example.

Specific types of business analytics include:

  • Descriptive analytics, which tracks key performance indicators to understand the present state of a business;
  • Predictive analytics, which analyzes trend data to assess the likelihood of future outcomes; and
  • Prescriptive analytics, which uses past performance to generate recommendations about how to handle similar situations in the future.

In this program, you will learn the nuances of data collection, data presentation, and model building using real-life data sets. You will learn how to build supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, you will be introduced to algorithms to solve classification and segmentation problems. We will also introduce you to R platform, and different algorithms which can be used in the model building activity.

At the end of the program you will develop a clear understanding of the need for business analytics and will be able to apply it to solve some interesting problems cutting across various business domains.


PreparationInfo Instructor

Our Instructor is coming with a very rich experience in Business Data Analytics Domain with having more than 8+ years of Teaching as well as Industry Experience.

Our Instructors are selected based on the ratings given by our students hence we keep on updating our instructor rating and select the Top Rated instructor, among all the instructors.


A Certificate in Business Data Analytics helps you to:

The 8 Day’s Business Data Analytics Live Online Training – will enable you in some of the most demanding skills and soon you will be able to:

  • Learn to solve business problems using Analytics
  • Master latest tools and techniques in the field of Analytics
  • Get practical exposure on advanced predictive modeling techniques
  • Analyze and predict future outcomes based on historical patterns
  • Learn to use statistical data analysis to drive fact-based decisions
  • Identify, monitor and measure quality processes over time.
  • Explore data to find new patterns and relationships (data mining)
  • Predict the relationship between different variables (predictive modeling, predictive analytics)
  • Predict the probability of default and create customer Scorecards (Logistic Regression)
  • Certificate from PreparationInfo. A sample copy can be downloaded below.


This training program focuses on Forecasting, Econometrics and Time Series Analyze and predict future outcomes based on historical patterns.

It is one of the marquee courses that provides you a competitive edge over others and a means to be ahead of your peers. It makes extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling and fact-based management to drive decision making.

Module 1: Introduction to Analytics, Data & Basic Statistics

  • Analytics v/s Analysis
  • Types of Analytics, Business domains within Analytics
  • Types of Data Variables & Summarizing Data
  • Central Tendency, Symmetry and Skewness
  • Random Variables, Probability Distribution, Central Limit Theorem
  • Sampling and Statistical inference, Confidence Intervals
  • Case Study 1: Banking Sector Credit Card Department

Module 2: Basic Statistics & Predictive Modeling

  • Hypothesis Testing & Analysis of Variance
  • Introduction to Tools and Software commonly used in Analytics
  • Multivariate Linear Regression Theory
  • Multivariate Linear Regression (Using Excel and R)

Module 3: Predictive Modeling & Forecasting

  • Logistic Regression (Using R)
  • Case Study 2:Case: Auto Insurance Company, Banking Sector Credit Card Department
  • Case Study 3: Auto Insurance Company, Banking Sector Credit Card Department

Module 4: Time Series Modeling

  • Models of time series : Moving averages & Autoregressive Models
  • Model Estimation , Model Validation & Model forecasting

Complimentary Offerings:

  • A complimentary online course of Complete Business Data Analytics Course, access for 1 year
  • 24×7 Doubt Clearing via email from our subject matter expert for 1 year
  • Certificate of Participation and Excellence from PreparationInfo
    • Certificate of Participation: Issued after the classroom training with 100% attendance
    • Certificate of Excellence: Issued after the participant submits the assignment and successfully gets a satisfactory grade in the assignment by our instructor


What attendees think of our training program

How was their overall experience

We come highly recommended

Blandina – PreparationInfo Review

Blandina Theophil Mmbaga

Director at Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI)
"Well organized course and nice instructor. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the training and the team. participatory course with shared experience."
Dambuzo – PMP Review

Dambudzo Ivy Dzwova

Chief Engineer at Starfm
"It was a great PMP classroom bootcamp training. The Instructor was great and quite knowledgeable. Looking forward to eventually write my exams. The class participants were also great and this classroom training is good for networking as well as learning Participants experience in managing projects."
PMP Harare Augugust 18 19 Batch PreparationInfo

Movement Musasiwa

Software Developer at Afrosoft Corporation
The training was very well delivered, content was well mastered by the trainer and it was such a worthwhile experience. I missed my brother's wedding because of this bootcamp but I don't regret it, it was the best decision. I learnt a lot and my fellow participants were awesome. Thank you once again for this golden opportunity and I look forward to more of such until I get certified.
Telex Arikiriza

Telex Arikiriza

Manager Visa Card Center at Tropical Bank, Uganda
I have a 12 years’ experience in marketing. I joined banking. I am Senior Manager Visa Card Center at Tropical Bank. As a Senior Manager Visa Card Center at Tropical Bank, I handle everything, every new product which is in project phase right from decision to product development. So, I bit of head that the training is very good. For me, specially who is into banking, project management is part of everyday life. The program is definitely absolutely good. Very insightful, it takes us to the insights of the project management. You learn the way things should be done. I like the way instructor guided on how PMBOK is an outline for Project Management. Definitely, I will recommend this to all our company’s decision makers, All CEO’s and banking organizations. With PreparationInfo, the experience was very good. They are very professional company. I have got recommended by others. The training was very knowledgeable. We like to share knowledge and experiences. Overall it was outstanding experience.
Fredrick Mayanja

Fredrick Mayanja

Data Quality Manager at National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
"My background is quant, mathematical, physics, masters, I have done MBA also, I have done certain certifications also Basco Cart, CFA but then because I am working in Quality Assurance as Data Quality Manager at National Social Security Fund I get to deal with many projects in the phase of IT, in the phase of Data and hence I really felt I need to get some good skills hence I thought of going for PMP since it’s the best and since it’s advance course hence I decided to go for it.The training was very good, the trainer was excellent and has the experience practically. Content was too much but the Trainer bring things in such a way and put the structure of the training in such a way that we got a lot of values out of it including the tips and hacks of the exam. I will definitely recommend few of my team members in the next program.Experience with PreparationInfo was very good. They found me at the right time and the support was excellent. I was lucky enough to find such a good trainer for this training. Thank You."
Ashwinkumar Desai

Ashwinkumar Desai

CEO at Africa Agro Solutions Limited
"They always advise to scan the PMBOK and all the related material/information then attend it to get the better perspective from the training.The training was quite good, we found many terminologies which we are not being counting in our routing exercise. We found that these are also areas which can be improved. Training has added an additional knowledge from theory and practical exercises.Yes definitely, I will recommend it. PreparationInfo was quite good. They give proper guidance to prepare you for the exam."
James Onyoin

James Onyoin

Board Member at Citibank Uganda Limited
"My name is James Onyoin, This has been a very good program. I have learnt a lot in this 2 days bootcamp. I found Project Management Professional is a practical program. Not only relay on specific projects, it gives the entire governance structure. I have been a project manager since 10 years of my life. I was PRINCE2 professional practitioner and I think I should diversified my skills hence joined PMP Training Program. I have been developing projects in about 10 countries in Africa. I was project manager for Integrated Financial Mining system in Uganda. I went to Liberia, implement a singular system of implementation of 10 million dollars plus there were multiple projects where I was direct project manager. I found the skills are applicable in here. I could say it’s a refresher and very good project manager. I think I am going to be a much better project manager after this.The training was excellent, Trainer made the complex things simpler. The tips and tricks are provided for the exam. I should be register soon for the PMP exam.Yes, I will definitely recommend this to others. Not just take this as a course but as a practice because the skills are applicable to all type of projects whether its within your family, your own life or in implementation in any organization.PreparationInfo was aggressive and their marketing strategy is really effective. Thank God it’s a good program. Thank You PreparationInfo."
Neil Blazevic

Neil Blazevic

Technology Manager at DefendDefenders
"My Background is of non-profit interest organization and also start up financial technology. I am technologist so I do lots of project work around development, web presentations and trends. Program is very eye opening, it touches points from all the sectors which I worked on but I consider all sectors can be improved on by conducting more professional way. Yeah, I want my whole management team to be trained on project management methodologies and if necessary education certification too. My experience with PreparationInfo was okay, it was no problem, it was easy. I got the information by email and made the payment online to attend."
Nurudeen Hamidu

Nurudeen Hamidu

Head HR & Administration at Tropical Bank, Uganda
"My name is Nurudeen Hamidu. I am Head HR & Administration at Tropical Bank. I had a training in Saudi Administration. I am also equal bank member of HR Administration, UK. Now touch of Project Planning because I head administration. I was a superintendent to HR. I am more Project oriented and when it comes to trainings, I believe this course covers knowledge areas of project planning which can be useful. The Program was excellent. I personally acknowledge additional learning as a privilege So, when a mail came in, we took a turn. We just had to get this stuff coming in. I would definitely recommend this program without any doubt. This is just a beginning. Invitation from Preparation came over email so we had engagements where we finalized on what do we want and finally decided to take this up."
Meshari Saleh Al-Obaidi

Meshari Saleh Al-Obaidi

Senior Accountant at Maleem Financing Company
"I am from Saudi Arabia, I choose to take this program to improve myself in Financial Modeling which is required in my work-field which is used to work on Financials and Planning for projecting our Financials in my company. Advanced Financial Modeling program is the best program to improve your skills in Financial Modeling in your work field. This program will give you all the things which you need.I would recommend this for everyone doesn’t matter if you are senior or at entry level. To improve yourself and to get more experience, It will give you good exercising and various formulas to guide on how to build financial modeling from scratch is best thing of the program."
Ismail Abdur-Rahman

Ismail Abdur-Rahman

Founder and CEO at iVIBES
"I decided to take this Advanced Financial Modeling course in order to add more values to my clients. I have to outsourcing my modeling from third parties and was not getting all the aspects. The program is excellent, great content, the placing was good but honestly if it would have been full week then it would be nice. I am just having the ability to go through various scenarios and cases with Financial Modeling. I thought it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend the program to other people, I do have some friends because of their job requirements I will certainly recommend them this. PreparationInfo was excellent, I got 3 phone calls from states. The program coordinator as well as the trainer shared the information about the class in advance. In my view the complete service was a great experience."
Peter – Review

Peter Packer

Financial Accountant
“I completed my Financial Modeling training from PreparationInfo in Feb'17. This training was useful for me in 2 sense. First, I was well aware of the theoretical aspects of Financial Modeling, however, was not confident in actual implementation and building a new one from my own. This training helped me overcome my doubts and bring me the confidence to build a complete Financial Model from my own. Second, I got a well-recognized Certificate from PreparationInfo.”
Manuel Review


Media Advisor
“ Digital Marketing is something which I thought I would never understand completely because of its broadness. After attending PreparationInfo 6 days bootcamp, I realized that its actually worth spending time and money on this training since it helped me not only understand the fields which I am well aware of but also fields which I believed I would never understand. Instructor was experienced and no doubt a Master in all the concepts.”

John Doe

Technical Account Manager
“ PMP is one certification which I was planning to get from a long time and even after so many years, I was not getting enough time to prepare for it and finally I decided to go for an Exam Preparatory training and I now find myself lucky to get connected with someone from PreparationInfo from my colleague. He recommended this training and it was a nice decision for me to go for PMP certification before the new PMBOK edition comes out. The exam pattern and syllabus might change hence I gave my PMP examination this year only after attending training from PreparationInfo. Now, I am an PMP certified professional from PMI-USA. ”


Technical Production Manager
“ Training was very helpful and I am happy that I attended Green Belt training from PreparationInfo. The best part is the on-going project support provided by Instructor which helped me not only learn those concepts during training but also to implement them in my own organization. Great Training and worth attending it. I appreciate the instructor knowledge and dedication for support. ”


Network Engineer
“ I attended ITIL-Foundation training from PreparationInfo. Instructor I must say is excellent. He is still in touch with me and I learnt a lot from him not only during the training but also after the training I ask many critical doubts from him. I am now planning to go for IT LifeCycle module and would love to join the training again if the same trainer comes by PreparationInfo. ”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no pre-requisites or eligibility criteria set for this course. Graduates or Working Professionals having interest in Analytics domain can join this course and get themselves certified to get themselves an edge over others.

A laptop with Internet connection. A Headset for communication with Instructor. The laptop should have Microsoft Excel installed in it (Any version above 2007 will work).

Participants needs to have the R software installed in their systems. In case they need the software copy then they can get this from PreparationInfo.

There are no other requirements – software or otherwise.

8 days (4 hours each day – Saturday Batch) – 12 PM – 4 PM GMT

Training mode will be Instructor Led Live Online Training.

All Case studies, detailed presentations in class, Individual and group exercises will be conducted in Online Training.

Online Self Study Complimentary course access will be provided and we recommend our participants to complete that online complimentary course first before attending the Instructor Led Live Online training for better able to understand the concepts covered during the Session.

There will be 2 Certificates Issued by PreparationInfo:

  1. Certificate of Participation: Issued after the classroom training with 100% attendance
  2. Certificate of Excellence: Issued after the participant submits the assignment and successfully gets a satisfactory grade in the assignment by our instructor. (Issued only on Request basis)

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

To Renew the Certificate: Customers have to submit an assignment on Business Data Analytics and our instructors will audit and renew the certificate for 2 years or you can attend our training again to get a fresh certificate.

PreparationInfo is one of the best World’s Leading Certification Training Provider in various on demand courses in multiple domains. We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals as well as undergraduates achieve their career goals.

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