Advanced Financial Modeling 4 days Training and Workshop with Certification Program by PreparationInfo is specially designed for working professionals in Kuwait City.


Financial Modeling is an abstract numerical scenario of a real-world financial situation used to ascertain the future financial performance by making projections. The user can manipulate the inputs to maintain the quality of a financial model, which will result in accuracy and dependency one can have on the outputs.

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Financial modeling can be done for various situations; for e.g. valuation of a company, valuation of an asset, pricing strategies, restructuring situations (merger & acquisition), etc.

Below are the areas in which Financial modeling is generally used for:

Uses of Financial Model:

  • Risk Management
  • Valuation of a Company
  • Valuation of Assets
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Option Pricing
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Capital Allocation
  • Raising Capital

Financial Modeling is one of the most fundamental and widely sought-after skills in the finance industry.

This specially designed 4 days Advanced Financial Modeling Training and Workshop is designed for working professionals where we will teach you the basic of MS Excel all the way to creating successful Financial Models and by the end of the course, you will be able to independently build models.

Attendees will be asked to not only focus only on theoretical aspects of Financial Modeling but also work on a real-time project where they have to implement all the best practices and leanings of the class in that dummy project/financial model which will be allocated to them to work on. Real-time practical helps them to get confidence in actually implementing and building a real financial model instead of just getting theoretical knowledge of the concepts.

They will be using Excel as a tool to prepare an actual working financial model along with instructor where the instructor will not only make them understand the topics but also get them involved in actual implementation of those concepts by building a model by themselves.

We will be covering FMCG case study and Monte-Carlo Simulation and Advanced Excel functions including Macros as well in this Advanced Financial Modeling training.


Financial Modeling Trainer - PreparationInfo - Mr. Suresh Devendran

Experienced financial and business advisory consultant with 10 years of corporate finance, transaction advisory, business consulting and financial management experience gained while based in Kuwait and India. I’ve worked and managed multiple client engagements across a wide variety of business consulting projects including acquisition due diligence, valuation, restructuring, capital raising, project finance and M&A advisory.

Having 10+ Years of Industry as well as Teaching experience and has been rated consistently top rating among our all the Instructors by our attendees.


Learn how to build robust and stunning Financial Models.

The 4 Day’s Advanced Financial Modeling workshop – teaches you the art of building an integrated financial model – from scratch for your organization.

After the training, you will soon be building models that are robust and provide you with flexible projections that can be used to thoroughly analyze a company from multiple standpoints like Planning, Investment, Financing, and Valuation.

  • Exposure to best-in-class financial modeling techniques, design ideas and practical tips.
  • Learn decision making involved in the financial viability of a company
  • Tips and ideas on using Excel better for Financial Modeling
  • Downloadable workbooks, PDF guides & videos
  • Unlimited download Access to all videos & material on financial modeling
  • Networking opportunities with fellow professionals from multiple industries
  • Email support for your Financial Modeling questions for 5 Years by our experts
  • Complimentary Online Course on “Financial Modeling – Build a complete
  • DCF valuation model”
  • Certificate from PreparationInfo. A sample copy can be downloaded below.


Structure, Design & Build various financial problems and translate them to Excel.

Ability to create Financial models quickly with the help of case studies covered during the course.

Understand valuation techniques through DCF

  • Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Terminal Value
  • Free Cash Flow to the firm and Equity Holders

Understanding techniques to quickly audit and improve your existing robust financial models

FMCG Case study with Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques and Advance Excel Functions including Macros will be covered in this training.

Complimentary Offerings:

  • A complimentary online course of Complete Advanced Financial Modeling Course, access for 1 year
  • 24×7 Doubt Clearing via email from our subject matter expert for 1 year
  • Certificate of Participation and Excellence from PreparationInfo
    • Certificate of Participation: Issued after the classroom training with 100% attendance
    • Certificate of Excellence: Issued after the participant submits the assignment and successfully gets a satisfactory grade in the assignment by our instructor

Complimentary free online course on:

  • Learn and Master the Basics of Finance
  • How to Become a Financial Analyst from Scratch
  • Financial management – Foundations of Finance (Theory)


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no pre-requisites or eligibility criteria set for this course since its specially designed and divided into 2 parts.

  • 1st Part is the first 2 days which covers the basics and theoretical aspects of Financial Modeling like Monte Carlo Simulation, and Macros.
  • 2nd Part is the last 2 days which covers the advanced aspects of Financial Modeling where our instructor focus on the actual implementation of the concepts by building a real-life working live financial model using excel.

A laptop is desirable and strongly recommended to have but not mandatory. The laptop should have Microsoft Excel installed in it (Any version above 2007 will work). There are no other requirements – software or otherwise.

4 Full days (8 hours each day including 1 hour of Lunch Break and 15-15 minutes 2 Tea and Snacks Break)

Training mode will be Classroom.

All Case studies, detailed presentations in classroom, Individual and group exercises will be conducted in Classroom.

Online Self Study Complimentary course access will be provided and we recommend our participants to complete that online complimentary course first before attending the actual classroom training for better able to understand the concepts covered during the class.

There will be 2 Certificates Issued by PreparationInfo:

  1. Certificate of Participation: Issued after the classroom training with 100% attendance
  2. Certificate of Excellence: Issued after the participant submits the assignment and successfully gets a satisfactory grade in the assignment by our instructor. (Issued only on Request basis)

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

To Renew the Certificate: Customers have to submit an assignment on Advance Financial Modeling and our instructors will audit and renew the certificate for 2 years or you can attend our training again to get a fresh certificate.

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