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Webinar Date and Time: 16th March – 9 AM to 11 AM GMT (2 hours)


What is Digital Marketing:

In simple definition, Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. Online marketing is by far the most important segment of digital marketing. As traditional channels like TV and radio become less and less valuable, online marketing continues to take up bigger and bigger segments of companies’ marketing budgets, with millions of businesses marketing exclusively via the Internet.

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With millions of businesses out there all vying for the same eyeballs, it’s never been more important to advertise online, and search engine marketing is the most effective way to promote your products and grow your business.

SEM: How to Do It Right?

Search engine marketing is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (or SERPs). Advertisers bid on keywords that users of services such as Google and Bing might enter when looking for certain products or services, which gives the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those search queries.

These ads, often known by the term pay-per-click ads, come in a variety of formats. Some are small, text-based ads, whereas others, such as product listing ads (PLAs, also known as Shopping ads) are more visual, product-based advertisements that allow consumers to see important information at-a-glance, such as price and reviews.

Search engine marketing’s greatest strength is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to put their ads in front of motivated customers who are ready to buy at the precise moment they’re ready to make a purchase. No other advertising medium can do this, which is why search engine marketing is so effective and such an amazingly powerful way to grow your business.

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Digital Marketing Instructor - Darren Taylor

Darren Taylor is an expert digital marketing trainer, speaker and consultant who delivers digital marketing training through top educational organisations in the UK and internationally, including Hult International Business School, The IDM and The University of Greenwich. Having worked in senior digital marketing positions in FTSE100 international organisations, Darren is well placed to deliver expert training.

Darren also builds online courses and provides digital marketing consultancy to businesses online, advising on strategy and implementing campaigns across channels like SEO, PPC, social media (paid and organic), email marketing and more through his business “The Big Marketer”. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, Darren is here to help.


Our WEBINAR will give you tips and tricks and hacks which are used for SEM to beat the competition. SEM is very important to get an edge over your competitors.


The Foundation of Search Engine Marketing:
Keywords are the foundation of search engine marketing. As users enter keywords (as part of search queries) into search engines to find what they’re looking for, it should come as little surprise that keywords form the basis of search engine marketing as an advertising strategy.

SEM Keyword Research:
Before you can choose which keywords to use in your search engine marketing campaigns, you need to conduct comprehensive research as part of your keyword management strategy.

First, you need to identify keywords that are relevant to your business and that prospective customers are likely to use when searching for your products and services. One way to accomplish this is by using WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool.

Simply enter a keyword that’s relevant to your business or service, and see related keyword suggestion ideas that can form the basis of various search engine marketing campaigns.



Its designed for Working Professionals looking forward to get an edge over competitors by learning and applying best practices and industry hacks which many other companies are already applying to beat their competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no pre-requisites or eligibility criteria set for this Webinar. However, we recommend participants to have basic knowledge of SEM, Keyword Research and Main tools used for SEM. Anyone who is in Marketing domain or wants to understand the strategies, tricks and hacks for SEM strategies can join this Search Engine Marketing Live Online Webinar.

We even recommend MBA’s (Fresh Graduates also to get benefit from this webinar since its designed for working professionals and we focus on case study approach and real live project hence it is useful for them also in their career.

A laptop with Internet connection. A Headset for communication with Instructor. The laptop should have Microsoft Excel installed in it (Any version above 2007 will work). There are no other requirements – software or otherwise.

Training mode will be Instructor Led Live Online Webinar.

There will be no Certificate issued after the webinar. Certificate will be issued only after our 12 days 48 hours live online training on Advanced Digital Marketing by PreparationInfo:

  1. Certificate of Participation: Issued after the classroom training with 100% attendance
  2. Certificate of Excellence: Issued after the participant submits the assignment and successfully gets a satisfactory grade in the assignment by our instructor. (Issued only on Request basis)

Certificate Validity: 2 Years

To Renew the Certificate: Customers have to submit an assignment on Advanced Digital Marketing and our instructors will audit and renew the certificate for 2 years or you can attend our training again to get a fresh certificate.

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